Career Coaching Program (CCP)

discover the A to Z of getting a job, building a career and thriving in it!

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The Career Coaching program (Cohort 1.0) is brought to you by E-Konsult, and her partners who want to see women equipped and empowered to get good jobs and build purposeful and impactful careers.

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Career Coaching Program (CCP)

Getting the right job that will kick start or advance your career journey, help harness your
potentials, utilize your skills as well as provide an opportunity for growth, is every aspiring
female professional’s dream. This program is designed to do this and much more!

The Career Coaching Program is designed to help you demystify and jumpstart your job/career journey, as well as equip you with the relevant skills and information you need to grow and thrive, whether you are a beginner or a transitioning female professional.

What You Will Learn:
We will take you by the hand and show you how it’s done. We have coached several female professionals in getting their desired jobs, building their preferred careers, thriving in it while making an impact.

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Registration: 1st to 15th July, 2021
Program Date: 17th to 31st July, 2021
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$40 / ₦20,000

Your work life is one of the most important aspects of your life and as such, must be handled with the requisite knowledge in order to succeed, be empowered to make an impact and be totally fulfilled at the same time. This module explains the concept of work, the difference between a job and a career, their benefits and how to be strategically positioned for success at every phase of your career journey.

A successful, impactful and fulfilling career does not begin with getting a job but with understanding your Career Identity first. Get clarity and direction on the ideal career for you, as well as the strategic plan to making it a reality. This Module highlights the key principles involved in identifying what career path to take, how to effect a career change, the options available to you, and how to align your qualifications to your chosen career field.

The acquisition of relevant skills and knowledge is key to career advancement. Those who are seen as relevant in an organization or the market place are those committed to continuous learning in the right field. This module exposes the different kinds of professional development, how to identify where you are per time and what you need to do to improve yourself and stay relevant.

One of the major rewards for great work is financial rewards. Your earning capacity is directly proportional to the value you consistently offer. This module highlights the key principles involved in building personal finance from zero, while identifying and addressing the mental blocks and limitations to a great start and a stable financial journey.

Image is everything when it comes to the professional world. Portraying the right image and brand is key in making long lasting impression. This module highlights the key principles involved in defining and building an impactful personal brand as a Christian female professional, and the role it plays in growing and sustaining a great career.

Meet The Facilitators

Chioma George

Employment Director, E-Konsult

Chioma is a Human Resource Consultant, Social Entrepreneur, Facilitator and a Conference Speaker versed in intentional career development, staff retention, employability, and social development. She has strong interests in female capacity development and education by design, with focus on changing the narrative in female and youth employment.

A graduate of computer science turned Human Resource developer, Chioma has an MBA in Strategic Management from the Metropolitan School of Business and Management, UK. With a passion for people/organizational development and transformation, she went on to earn a certification from the Institute of National Transformation (INT), as well as the Certificate for Entrepreneurial Management, from the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC), of the Pan Atlantic University.

Over the last ten years, with her skills in human resource development, employment and corporate transformation, she has actively worked with brands, organisations and employment agencies in both public and private sectors like Telecoms, Banking, Consulting and Education; along the lines of recruitment, training, staff retention, intentional career development, client service management as well as employment-by-design projects.

As a social entrepreneur, she has also been instrumental in driving some transformational projects, geared towards development and empowerment such as: National Youth Summit anchored yearly by Golden Heart Foundation, Youth Employability Summit on the platform of the Nigerian Graduate Advancement Program, Career and Entrepreneurs Forum (CEF) and the Esther Code project, under Esthers Circle Empowerment Foundation, just to mention a few.

Chioma is the managing partner of Ark Resources, a HR organisation set up to drive intentional career development. She is also the Executive Director of Esthers Circle Empowerment Foundation, a social enterprise focused on female capacity development driving core values, leadership and employment development.

Currently, she leads the E-Konsult Team as the employment director, and they are focused on creating employment opportunities for women. This she has consistently done for the past nine years. She is a strong believer that everyone has the power of effective contribution which can truly be harnessed and maximised through personal discovery, responsibility and development; leading to successful, impactful and fulfilled living.

She is married with three amazing children.

Rolayo Akhigbe

Personal/Business Finance Expert,

Rolayo is a Senior Vice President in a financial institution with a career in the Finance sector spanning two decades, working with both global and local Financial Institutions across Africa and Europe. Following the completion of her MBA in the United Kingdom, she was one of a handful of international candidates selected by a global financial institution to work in her home country as part of a keenly contested Graduate Management Program. During her career she has had the valuable opportunity to interface directly with organizations across all industries and has been part of the success story of many companies. She has also had access to training from several international experts in the fields of Financial Management, Leadership amongst others.

She has successfully led large cross-cultural and cross-functional teams, with a strong focus on leveraging digital solutions.

Rolayo believes strongly in continuous growth and the open sharing of knowledge and acts as a mentor to a number of young professionals seeking to enhance their business, financial and personal skills to equip them to become major players in their respective fields.

Recognized as one of the top 50 leading ladies in Corporate Nigeria by Leading Ladies Africa, she is passionate about the professional development and financial empowerment of women as she strongly believes that empowering women has a direct positive impact on society as a whole.

Rolayo is also passionate about helping people invest wisely in their emotional, physical and financial health as that to her, is the true definition of Wealth. She is a prolific speaker on personal and business finance and has collaborated with several organizations on diverse platforms.

She is married with children.

Ruth Egbe

HR Leader/Author/Coach

Ruth Egbe is HR leader and social entrepreneur with a background in Engineering, experience in communications and a track record of excellence in HR management.

She is a John Maxwell certified speaker and trainer. She is also a writer, relationship and marriage counsellor, personal development coach for women and youth.

She recently authored a book titled, Sugar And Spice – The Making Of A Woman which is a memoir and also a manual she uses for her structured Mentorship program for women and girls.

Ruth is a very passionate organisational development enthusiast focused on empowering people to lead change and improve culture in their communities by leveraging insight to bring impact.

She is a literary learning advocate that shares thoughts and insights regularly on social and professional media platforms via her blog posts – TheTruthbyRuth. She is married and lives in Lagos with her husband and 3 children.

Matilda Udoh

Training and Development Expert

Matilda graduated from University of Uyo where she studied French. Her professional career spans about sixteen (16) years, spent mostly in the Consulting, Banking & Investment Management firms in the Nigerian Financial Services sector as facilitator & consultant in performance management and training that is solidly grounded in creating a positive learning culture with lasting change.

Her career in consulting started at IBFCAgusto (Now IBFCAlliance) where she worked as a major resource person in the Business Development Unit, Material & Curriculum Development and Business Support &Administration Unit. She left IBFCAgusto as the Acting Group head, Business Support Group to join UBA. 

At UBA, Matilda was the Team Lead, Leadership & Curriculum Development in charge of developing training curricula and budgets for middle level management up to the Executive Management. She left UBA for ARM where she was Training/Faculty Manager. She currently works at TildaAnie Resources Limited as the lead consultant and an external facilitator for IBFCAlliance and Fate Foundation.

Over the years, she has garnered experience in curriculum development, planning, implementation and delivery of training programmes, impact analysis and all the key value drivers in learning & development.  She has also been involved in key leadership and management development including people management and facilitation of courses such as Customer services, Leadership, Relationship Management, Selling as well as Interpersonal Skills and Team Building. She has facilitated for under IBFCAlliance for clients such as GTB, StanbicIBTC, Union Bank, UBA, ARM, WSTC, First Banks and a few others.   


Ada Aja

Seasoned Lawyer/Image Consultant

Adaeze Aja is a lawyer and a certified image/ lifestyle consultant, passionate about coaching young women on etiquette and skills that ensure personal and professional success.

She is a strong proponent of principle based living with a focus on restoring family relationships and has through practical teachings, helped many families.

She is also a certified grief recovery counsellor and collaborative family mediator (in training). She has a thriving legal practice spanning over 12 years with periodic stints in entrepreneurship.

She lives in Canada with her family.

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"I was a successful Geologist, earning well yet I felt my potentials were being stifled and i lacked fulfilment. I didnt look forward to going to work as I felt like a square peg in a round hole until I came in contact with E-konsult's career coaching program. I rediscovered myself, my ideal work fit and i went from being a geologist to an award winning trichologist- a child Hair Care specialist. Now I'm not just happy but fulfilled that I'm able to impact the lives of two groups of people I care about: mothers and children."
Oluchi Madubuike
Award Winning Hair Care Coach,
"I was at a stage in my career where I felt stuck and needed to make defining career decisions.I met Mrs Chioma George for career advisory and I got to learn about Career by design.It was amazing to know that there is a particular job role that comes easily based on my innate abilities. A role I can function effortlessly and passionately in.I was empowered to make the move to my present career and I love every bit of it."
Olubunmi Dara
Procurement Specialist
"I hunted for a Job for close to two years post NYSC.While waiting, I volunteered to work as an intern at E-konsult though I wasn't skilled. Over time, i learnt some basic job skills and was opportuned to attend several trainings, one of which was the career coaching program. I got to discover my ideal career path and was placed under a mentor who trained me on graphic designing, for free. Through the job trainings and career exposure, I applied for jobs, got more than one and had to choose.Now I currently work with a real estate company as a graphic designer and content creator and I've received a pay raise twice on the job.Thanks to Ekonsult."
Bukunmi Oni
Graphic Design Specialist/Content Creator

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